Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Now what?

One one of our many summer adventures, one of my experiments was this photo. I loved the reflection on the water.

So I took a long vacation from the blog, actually just the summer. It was a good time to spend with my husband and baby, I mean toddler. I know you are wondering what I did during the summer so I'm going to tell you.

It was a time of celebration this summer as my son, the source of most of my inspiration, turned one. Every Friday was time spent with the little one learning to be a better mother. I'm always in awe of women who seem to have it all together instead of looking clumsy like me. I wanted to be like them, and I think this summer, I got a little closer to those women, as parenthood got a little easier. I embraced the moments I was able to spend with my boy and made the best of the summer. We went to the park, readings, museums, the library, and spent some quality time at home. I partnered on art projects with my sidekick and had many a laughs chasing him around the house.

But now it's time to keep playing in this playground instead of in the world outdoors with just my little one. I've begun to take on more freelance projects for fun and because I could use a few bucks. I will take the opportunity to learn and explore and take on projects, I wouldn't normally work on. I will share some of those projects with you. I'm also as always going to events and will share my experiences with you and how they influence my work. I will also continue to hone my DIY skills and for now will withhold the why. I can't wait for this fall adventure to begin.

see ya.